Anadolu'dan Yeni Dünya'ya, Amerika'ya Göç Eden İlk Türklerin Yaşam Öyküleri

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries a number of Muslim and non-Muslim Turks migrated to the New World to seek their fortunes. They were driven on one hand by the political, economic and social collapse in the Ottoman Empire that was brought about by the Balkan Wars and First World War or the fear of a lengthy period of military conscription, and on the other by the lure of letters from those who had gone before them describing America as the land of opportunity whose streets were paved with gold, aided by the rapid spread of transoceanic steamers and telegraphs... These various factors combined to persuade thousands to take their chances and depart for the United States. Non-Muslims-and Armenians in particular-left in large numbers, never to return, and thereby swelling the ranks of their coreligionists already in the New World. In writing his account of this saga of turn-of-the-century Ottoman immigration to the New World, the author has used interviews with numerous persons who either experienced or witnessed this drama first hand which were never discovered so far.